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CrammedScreenGrab2 Official “Crammed in A Bottle” Music Video Released! - Hey guys, check out our music video for a song from our first LP ‘Crammed in a Bottle’. The story is an adaptation of the classic tale of Pinocchio, one of our favorites. Thanks to Alex Griffin for bringing this to life, both as director/DP and as one of the robots puppeteers, as well as […]
OneHundredTwenty_video image ‘OneHundredTwenty’ music video released! - This is finally out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhpyLxwSu28&t=66s   Huge thanks to our director on the project, Justin Burquist! ‘OneHundredTwenty’ music video released! July 25th, 2017zuserepm
delimaglogo Vote for us for Deli Magazine’s ‘Artist of the Month’! - We’ve been nominated as one of Deli Magazine’s potential artists of the month for June, so get cracking and vote for us! http://la.thedelimagazine.com/25629/delis-artist-month-poll#   Appreciate the support! Vote for us for Deli Magazine’s ‘Artist of the Month’! June 27th, 2017zuserepm
TroubleInParadiseEP_FinalCoverArt Trouble in Paradise EP is out today! - Hey guys, the new EP is finally out today, after many many moons of hard work. Huge thanks to everybody involved in the production. Drums: Matt Schwartz , Kyle Crane Drum tracking: dtla recording Female Vocals: Elissa Rowe Producer on ‘All the Running’ – Jason Rosen Mastering: Epicenter Mastering Take a listen here: Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3WTYzO5kNPLe48xbWkgoRv […]
OneHundredTwenty Single Art “OneHundredTwenty” Single Premiered on PureGrainAudio! - As we head towards the release of our new EP Trouble in Paradise in June, we present to you our latest single “OneHundredTwenty,” which premiered over at PureGrainAudio.com. Thanks to the guys over there for the article: http://puregrainaudio.com/audio/here-are-onehundredtwenty-to-listen-to-emerald-portal-s-newest-song-exclusive-premiere “OneHundredTwenty” Single Premiered on PureGrainAudio! June 5th, 2017zuserepm
AllTheRunningPromoCover_IMG_0074 “All the Running” Single Released! - After more than a year, here’s our latest release, the first single from our new EP. “All the Running” Single Released! February 17th, 2017zuserepm
img_3339-edited Videos from the Whisky show! - Thanks to all who came out!   Videos from the Whisky show! December 18th, 2016zuserepm
img_3452-edited Live at the Whisky A-Go-Go! - Performing live at the infamous Whisky A-Go-Go October 2nd 2016. Live at the Whisky A-Go-Go! December 19th, 2016zuserepm
photo-2 Official “Animals Fighting on the Horizon” Music Video Release! - Check out one of our more psychedelic music videos directed by Daniel Riser. Had a blast shooting at all the various locations and experimenting with Daniel’s rear projection. Official “Animals Fighting on the Horizon” Music Video Release! December 18th, 2016zuserepm
before_long_single Official ‘Before Long’ Music Video Release! - Hey, thanks so much to everybody who came out to the premiere for the ‘Before Long’ music video over at Karma Lounge, we had a blast celebrating with you guys. Here it is, finally online for all to see! You can also check out the single release here on Spotify! Official ‘Before Long’ Music Video […]


Emerald Portal is the brain child of Thomas Ouziel and Brad Rundblade. With much influence from their cinematic backgrounds (a sound designer and writer, respectively), their music delves into worlds of visual and auditory exploration. Welcome to Emerald Portal.



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