Official “Crammed in A Bottle” Music Video Released!

Hey guys, check out our music video for a song from our first LP ‘Crammed in a Bottle’. The story is an adaptation of the classic tale of Pinocchio, one of our favorites. Thanks to Alex Griffin for bringing this to life, both as director/DP and as one of the robots puppeteers, as well as Taylor Bibat, who plays our Geppettette and also helped puppeteer our lead robot!

Trouble in Paradise EP is out today!

Hey guys, the new EP is finally out today, after many many moons of hard work. Huge thanks to everybody involved in the production.

Drums: Matt Schwartz , Kyle Crane
Drum tracking: dtla recording
Female Vocals: Elissa Rowe
Producer on ‘All the Running’ – Jason Rosen
Mastering: Epicenter Mastering

Take a listen here:


“OneHundredTwenty” Single Premiered on PureGrainAudio!

As we head towards the release of our new EP Trouble in Paradise in June, we present to you our latest single “OneHundredTwenty,” which premiered over at Thanks to the guys over there for the article:

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